Hassan Abdulzahra, best known as Hazzoni is a producer/artist born July 10, 2006 from Linköping, Sweden. He has released three singles of his own and produced several releases for other artists, including Neno from Norrköping.

Hazzoni first got his interest in music when he heard the artist and violinist Alexander Rybak live in 2010. When he heard the music, he also wanted to start playing the violin. Hazzoni played the violin for eight years and played in both folk music groups and orchestras until he decided to make his own way in music. For him, music was a language and a way to express feelings without the need for words. He learned to play the piano through the internet and then he also learned to play the guitar in the same way, but also through his talented uncle who is a guitarist.

One day while sitting in his room with his close friend Tofy, Hazzoni showed him some of his beats. He liked one of them and asked if he could do some quick recording on it (as a joke). Hazzoni asked Tofy to say his name before he started singing, so he can use it as a producer tag. That’s how the iconic producer hit “Ha Ha Hazzoni on da beat” was born.

One day, Hazzoni was making a simple beat like any other day, and decided to record some lyrics he had written
previously in English. This then became his first single “Strangers With Memories”…


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